Tesco Pet Insurance

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Policy Features

  • Get Standard and Extra level cover on dog insurance and cat insurance
  • Receive up to £4,000 on vet bills
  • Get an additional 10% off when you insure more than one other pet
  • Up to 25% discount online for Clubcard customers
  • Fixed excess payments so you'll always know what you need to pay for a claim.
  • See their website for the rest of the policy features

Learn how pet owners can save more money on pet insurance with Tesco!

There are a couple of types of pet insurance cover that you the pet owner should be aware of. One is life long cover and the other is time capped cover. Life long cover offers treatment for your dog or cat up to a certain amount of money, but this amount can be claimed every year and for the pet’s life. Time capped polices is where you’ll only receive treatment for a condition and up to a certain amount of money, so if the money runs off, you’ll have to pay for the rest of the treatment yourself. The cheaper policies tend to provide cover per condition up to a certain amount.