Homebase Pet Insurance

Get instant cover online with Homebase Dog Insurance in a matter of minutes.

A Homebase Pet Insurance policy provides dog insurance from just £7.07 per month and cat insurance from just £3.58 per month. Pet owners can choose cover for vet treatment costs every year for up to £7,500 where there is no limit to the length of the medical treatment. Buy online and get yourself a 105 online discount as well!

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Policy Features

  • Cat cover from £3.58 and dog cover from £7.07 monthly premium
  • Vet bills up to £7,500
  • Advertising and reward costs are up to £1,500
  • 10% saving when you buy online
  • Theft or straying cover up to £750

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When purchasing a pet insurance policy you should also think about the many other benefits that they have on offer, these include third party liability cover, this is when your pet has caused damage to a person or property and they take legal action against you, you would be insured against all costs and rewarded costs. If your pet is deemed lost or dies you can get cover so you can get back the purchase price that you paid for your dog or cat. Advertising and reward costs are another good benefit, were you’ll receive a certain amount of money to help find your pet when it has been lost of stolen.