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Halifax Pet Insurance are now offering life-long healthcare cover for cats from only £3.50 per month, or dog insurance from £4.50 a month. All insurance plans include £1,000 per year for vets fees. Your pets can be insured and protected from 8 weeks old and there is no maximum age limit with any of the Halifax pet healthcare insurance plans giving your pets continual protection. Apply online today and get a 5% discount on all Halifax insurance plans for pets.

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Policy Features

  • Compare policy features and save
  • Online discount
  • Advertising and reward
  • Vet bills and treatment costs

Learn how to save more money on pet insurance with Halifax!

Cat and dog owners will find that the best way to get a cheap pet insurance quotation is to compare the price of each policy. When comparing policies make sure you are getting a quote for the same level of cover, any exclusions and excess contribution, so that you will be able to compare like for like policies. Are you looking for life long cover for your pet? Or financial capped or time capped policy? Depending on what cover you choose will depend on the cost, life long is the best cover, but also the most expensive. Also select how much cover you want for vet bills, the average is about £5,000. Adding more features onto the policy should be avoided if you want to keep the price down.