Argos Pet Insurance

Get instant cover online with Argos Pet Insurance in minutes.

Argos Pet Insurance supplies affordable cover for dogs and cats and depending on your budget and requirements will be able to offer you a value for money policy. Dog owners will be pleased to know that there is NO maximum age limit so every pet can get up to £7,000 on vet treatment fees per incident. Other benefits include a 5% discount when you buy online and much more.

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Policy Features

  • Cat insurance from £3.80 per month and dog insurance from £6.45
  • Get vet bill cost for up to £7,000
  • Up to £750 covered for theft or straying pets
  • Up to 5% online discount
  • See their website for the rest of the policy features

Learn how you can save more money on pet insurance with Argos!

A good tip that could potentially save you more money on your monthly pet insurance premium is to consider increasing the excess on your policy to a much higher amount and one that will cause your monthly premium to reduce by as much as 25%. The excess amount that you stipulate on your policy is the amount of money that you’ll have to pay each time you make a claim for your dog or cat. This method can be a great way to get savings but paying a higher excess could actually in the long run end up cost you more money, so just be careful on what excess you opt for.