Asda Pet Insurance

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Asda Pet Insurance is currently offering a standard policy that covers you for up to £1,500 of vet fees for each illness or injury. Asda pet care plan covers things like X-rays, surgery, medication and nursing care. You can also buy extra 'add ons' to suit your pets needs such as third party liability and extra vet bill cover up to £3,500. Asda pet healthcare cover is available today, so visit the Asda Finance web site for more details.

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Policy Features

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Start to compare the price! The main factor when buying a pet insurance policy is always the cost. With pet cover you’ll find that prices will differ from provider to provider so it really important to get a quote for your specific requirements when comparing quotes. You’ll need to take into account the level of cover that you want, what type of cover you want such as lifelong cover, time capped cover or financially capped cover, each one provides different levels of cover, plus you’ll need to stipulate what excess you’re willing to pay when you make a claim, and any exclusions such as third party liability cover and legal cover.