Dog Insurance

Compare Dog Insurance

Now you can save money on your dog insurance quotes when you compare policies with You’ll find a collection of dog insurance companies listed that could potentially help you obtain a cheaper dog insurance quote for your puppy.

A quality dog insurance policy will pay the vet bill if you’re dog becomes ill or is injured through having an accident. You’ll also find that some policies will also pay out money if the dog was to die, stolen or considered lost.

Dog owners will buy a dog insurance policy in order to help avoid the risk of paying reoccurring medial treatment costs to treat an ill or injured animal. Many owners of dogs will be aware of the increasing expense a trip to the vet can be. Veterinary medicine through the use of drugs and highly skilled medical techniques is a very expensive proposition to the average pet owner. But, the health and care of a dog by its owners is paramount as they are considered one of the family.

Most policies will involve the policyholder having to pay an excess fee when they have to make an insurance claim, most fees and between £40 and £100 depending on the policy and the provider. Most policy offer flexible excess contributions that can help low the price of the dog insurance quote.

You’ll also find that cover may also include boarding fees if the owner has been admitted to hospital, cost towards retrieving a dog if it is lost or stolen. Some policies will include third-party liability insurance for dogs. So if your pet was to cause a car accident that causes damage or death the dog owner is held responsible under the Animals Act 1971, this covers any eventualities.