Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance

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Marks and Spencer Pet Insurance is now offering a low rate monthly premium that all pet owners can afford. We all love our pets and wouldn't be without them, so its important for our pets to have a pet care plan. If your pet has an accident or becomes ill, the cost today of veterinary care can cost you hundreds or even thousands of pounds. So save yourself money now and get Marks & Spencer pet healthcare insurance today. Don't foot the bill! Apply now for the cheapest pet car plan with Marks and Spencer Money.

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Policy Features

  • Life Time cover for your pet
  • Up to £7,000 on vet bill costs
  • Up to £1,500 on Advertising and reward costs
  • 15% online discount
  • Save 5% for each additional pet you insure
  • See their website for the rest of the policy features

Learn how to save more money on pet insurance with Marks and Spencer!

Pet owners should be wary of pet insurance policies that seem to be really cheap and too much of a good deal. You’ll find that some suppliers of insurance will save themselves some money when it comes to them paying out money when policyholders make a claim. One of the ways that they can do this is by putting up the excess contribution on the policy. The will give the policyholder a cheaper quotation but when it come to a claim you’ll find that you could be paying between by £50 and £200 every time you make a claim and if your dog or cat is really ill and needs a lot of treatment, then it could become very expensive for you.