Direct Line Pet Insurance

Get instant cover online with Direct Line Pet Insurance in minutes.

Buy Direct Line Pet Insurance online and you could get 8 weeks worth of free pet cover plus a further 15% discount. If your pet has an accident or becomes ill, the cost of veterinary care can reach hundreds or even thousands of pounds. To avoid expensive vet bills you need the protection of Direct Line's low cost pet healthcare insurance plan. Comprehensive pet cover for dogs and cats. We believe that pet insurance is a necessity not a luxury. Get great value low cost cat insurance, dog insurance and cover for other animals with Direct Line.

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Policy Features

  • Dog insurance from just £8.50 per month and cat insurance from just £6.50 per month
  • Vet bill cover up to £6,000
  • Advertising and reward cover up to £1,500
  • 25% discount when you buy online
  • See their website for the rest of the policy features

Learn how you can save more money on pet insurance with Direct Line!

Pet owners can get a fantastic deal on a pet insurance policy when they compare the prices of each policy against each other. Deciding what kind of cover you would like for dog or cat is a big decision, you can opt for life long cover, financially capped and time capped. Also, select what level of excess what want to pay, how much vet treatment cover you want and any other features such as death cover, third party liability cover, and advertising costs if your pet is lost or stolen. There are many extra features that you can add to your policy, but some of them will cost you extra, so be careful how many you add, try to keep them at a minimum to keep the cost down.