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A Go Compare Pet Insurance quote is one of the best ways that you can compare several selected pet insurance policies. They have many insurers that you can compare policies against and it’s a great way to get a cheap priced policy that fits your specific needs of cover for your cat or dog.

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Policy Features

  • Comparing policy features can save you money
  • Online discount
  • Advertising and reward
  • Vet bills and treatment costs

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The amount of excess that you wish to pay in the event of a claim on your pet insurance policy can make a big difference on whether you get a low cost quote or not. Some companies will increase their excess level to a higher amount forcing you to pay a high amount of excess when you make a claim. The good news here is that it can reduce your premium by as much as 25%, the bad news is that when you make a claim you’ll have to pay the excess to insurer first before your claim can be processed, and this can cost between £20 and £200 depending on what excess they have set. Paying higher excess can sometimes cost policyholders more money in the long run.