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Policy Features

  • Cat insurance starts from only £3.42 and dog insurance starts from only £3.89 per month
  • Get a huge 30% online discount
  • Vet treatment bills up to £7,000
  • Advertising and reward up to £600
  • No 12 month limit
  • See their website for the rest of the policy features

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Do you want lifelong cover for your pet? Life long cover is the best kind of cover that you can get for your cat or dog. This is where insurance companies will cover your pet up to a certain amount of money for medical treatment every year and for a long as your pet needs the treatment. There are cheaper types of cover that policyholders can obtain too, but these are not as good as life long cover. Time capped cover is offered on some policies and covers treatment per condition for a pet up to a certain amount of money. So if it has arthritis then you may only get around £2,000 for treatment for this condition and that’s it. Any further treatment will have to be paid by you the pet owner.