Petplan Dog Insurance

Get instant cover online with Petplan Dog Insurance in a matter of minutes.

Petplan Dog Insurance provides Lifetime cover at a fantastically low price. Incentives include a 10% discount on the first year of your premium on the Petplan Covered for Life Policy. By the way, Petplan are one of the largest pet insurance companies operating in the UK, you should definitely give them a try!

Policy Features

  • Petplan Covered for Life Policy for dogs
  • Get a 10% online discount
  • Up to £12,000 cover for vet bills
  • Stolen or straying dogs get cover for up to £1,000
  • For more details on what's covered for dogs, see the Petplan website!

Learn how to save more money on dog insurance with Petplan!

When insuring your dog at a younger age you’re more likely to get a cheaper pet insurance policy now and for life, than if you have an older pet. With most policies there is an age limit for successful applications, usually under the age of eight years old. Any older than this the dog will be more likely to get a disease or pick up an illness that needs medial treatment, and that means costs to the insurer, which they don’t want. However, older pets can still get cover but there are more limitations on cover etc. Cover for older pets will generally revolve around financially-capped and time-capped cover.