Marks And Spencer Dog Insurance

Get instant cover online with Marks And Spencer Dog Insurance in a matter of minutes.

Marks and Spencer Dog Insurance has cover on vet bills for up to £7,000 per year with medical treatment as long as it’s needed for your dog. Picking lifetime cover for your dog offers the very best cover you can buy and will be made available to dog owners so long as they renew thier policy every year. Addding an additional dog onto the policy can save you an extra 5% for each additional pet you insure.

Policy Features

  • Lifetime cover
  • Vet’s bills are covered up to £7,000 per year
  • Save 5% for each additional dog you insure.
  • 15% online discount
  • For more details on what's covered for dogs, see the Marks & Spencer website!

Learn how to save more money on dog insurance with Marks And Spencer!

Insuring your dog or at from a young age can really save you money when buying a pet insurance policy. Many insurers will have an age limit imposed on new policies usually under eight years old. Dog and cats must be under the age of eight normally as over that age they are more likely to be diagnosed with a medical illness or disease that needs medical treatment. The earlier you can get your dog insured the cheaper it should be theoretically. If your pet is older than eight there are other options you might want to encounter, such as financially-capped and time-capped cover. These types of cover are based on conditions and an amount of money that can be spent for that condition, and then when that money runs out, it is up to the pet owner to carry on the treatment at their own expense.