Direct Line Dog Insurance

Get instant cover online with Direct Line Dog Insurance in a matter of minutes.

A Direct Line Dog Insurance policy starts from just £8.50 a month and is a great way to avoid paying costly vet treatment bills. Insuring your dog today could save you a great deal of money, plus when you buy online with Direct Line you'll get a 10% discount!

Policy Features

  • Dog insurance costs from £8.50 per month
  • Cover your dog for up to £6,000 of vet bill treatment costs
  • Advertising and reward cover up to £1,500
  • 25% online discount
  • For more details on what's covered for dogs, see the Direct Line website!

Learn how to save more money on dog insurance with Direct Line!

Pet owners should look at how much cover they’ll get for medical treatment for their dog when they purchase a pet insurance policy. The average amount of cover you should be able to claim for is around £5,000. This amount of cover you should receive for each illness or injury. Some policies will limit the number of claims you can make in one year and some will limit per conditions or a number of claims per year. See the terms and conditions of each policy for a full policy summary. It’s a good idea to make sure that the amount of cover is realistic and is right for your particular circumstances. You’ll probably find when searching for a policy that the cheaper the policy the less cover and protection you’ll receive. Allocating more money will ensure more protection for our dog.