Churchill Dog Insurance

Get instant cover online with Churchill Dog Insurance in a matter of minutes.

A Churchill Dog Insurance policy starts from just £3.99 a month and currently includes Pet Emergency cover and up to £3,000 on vet treatment fees cover for each new condition. Buy online and dog owners could get a 10% discount.

Policy Features

  • Dog insurance from £3.99 per month
  • Vet bills covered for up to £3,000 for each new condition
  • Request a quote for stolen or straying pets cover
  • 10% discount when you buy online
  • Pet Emergency cover
  • For more details on what's covered for dogs, see the Churchill website!

Learn how to save more money on dog insurance with Churchill!

Always look at how much cover you’ll get for medical treatment when searching for a cheap pet insurance policy. Providers will limit the amount of money you can claim for an illness or injury on their policy. Most insurers will limit it to around £5,000 per condition or limit per annum. It will depend on the policy and everyone will differ, no two policies are exactly the same, so check that the amount of cover is reasonable and will provide adequate cover for you dog. Try to allocate as much money as you can afford for pet insurance cover, as the more you spend the more cover you should receive. Cheaper cover generally means lower policy cover and high excess contribution.