Homebase Dog Insurance

Get instant cover online with Homebase Dog Insurance in a matter of minutes.

A Homebase Dog Insurance poliy offers dog owners a choice from two levels of cover starting from as little as £7.07 per month. It provide's up to £7,500 cover on vets bills every year, with no limit to the length of treatment for your dog. Plus, save up to 10% when you buy online.

Policy Features

  • Two levels of cover starting from just £7.07 per month to insure your dog
  • Vet treatment costs up to £7,500
  • Theft or straying dogs cover are up to £1,500
  • 10% online discount
  • For more details on what's covered for dogs, see the Homebase website!

Learn how to save more money on dog insurance with Homebase!

In order to achieve more savings when buying a dog insurance policy the dog owner should look at what level of excess you are paying. The excess amount is the amount of money that a policyholder will have to pay each time a claim is made for a condition from your policy. You may find that your policy is really cheap because the insurance company has raised the excess per claims to a higher amount of money. This means that you’ll be paying out more when making a claim. Generally speaking most excess ranges from between £25 to £65, depending on the insurer. Paying less on your monthly premium and more when making a claim may not be the most cost effective way to purchase your dog cover.