Tesco Cat Insurance

Get instant cover online with Tesco Cat Insurance in only a few minutes.

Tesco Cat Insurance is an affordable way that cat owners can use to stay away from paying expensive vet treatment costs if their cat become ill or is involved in an accident and needs medial treatment. Get a 20% online discount, 5% discount when you insurance more than one cat plus there are many other features too that you can choose.

Policy Features

  • Two policies to choose from for cats
  • Cat insurance from £5.25 per month
  • Get an additional 5% off when you insure more than one cat
  • Up to £4,000 on vet bills
  • Up to £1,500 for stolen or straying cats
  • Up to 25% online discount

Learn how to save more money on cat insurance with Tesco!

Always purchase your cat insurance policy from a reputable firm and one that has been registered with the Financial Services Association or the FSA. If the company is not registered with the FSA do not purchase anything from them. Pet owners will probably find that they need more information on a product when trying to select the best one to protect their cat or dog. Reading reviews of the different policies maybe useful, but understand that most reviews left on websites are nearly all negative about the product, and there are only a few positive ones to read. Pet owners should ask friends and family about their experiences and what policies they have. You’ll find you’ll get a more honest view of what a policy is really like from them.