Sainsburys Cat Insurance

Get instant cover online with Sainsburys Cat Insurance in only a few minutes.

A Sainsbury's Cat Insurance policy will give you savings and lots of cover for your money! Get 12 months cover for the price of 9 and vet fees cover of £7,500 plus double nectar card points for two years on Sainsbury's shopping and fuel.

Policy Features

  • 12 months for the price of 9 on cat insurance
  • Vet fees cover of up to £7,500 for cats
  • Double nectar card points
  • Up to £750 cover if your cat is stolen or straying
  • For more details on what's covered for cats, see the Sainsbury's website!

Learn how to save more money on cat insurance with Sainsburys!

When it comes to buying a pet insurance policy pet owners should only purchase a policy from a reputable supplier and a company that is registered with the FSA or Financial Services Association. I would never purchase a pet insurance policy with a company that is not registered with the FSA. One of the best ways of finding out about the true picture of a policy is to look at the reviews of that policy made by existing policyholders. They will tell you if the policy is any good and any pitfalls to be aware of. The only issue with reviews is that most of them are concerning negative feedback about the policy and that there are not many with a good review. So you may find it an unreliable source of information. Talking to friends and family maybe a better alternative, ask them about what policies they are with and what they think of them.