Marks And Spencer Cat Insurance

Get instant cover online with Marks And Spencer Cat Insurance in only a few minutes.

Marks and Spencer Cat Insurance is designed for Cats and provides lifetime cover protection; the best type of coverage you can buy for you cat. Features include vet treatment cots for up to £7,000 a year with treatment as long as you need it. Insure more than one other cat and achieve a saving of 5% for every extra cat you insure.

Policy Features

  • Lifetime cover
  • Vet’s bills are covered up to £7,000 per year
  • Save 5% for each additional cat you insure.
  • 15% online discount
  • For more details on what's covered for cats, see the Marks & Spencer website!

Learn how to save more money on cat insurance with Marks And Spencer!

When searching a cheap pet insurance policy you should always try to get a policy from a reputable insurer and one that you know. Always check that they have been registered with the FSA, known as the Financial Services Association. Never buy any insurance products if they are not registered. You could also read some reviews on the different policy types, to see how other pet owners found their particular policy. You should be aware that when people leave product reviews about certain products the majority of them are when the reviewer has had a bad experience. That’s why recommendations from friends are a better avenue to follow and hopefully you should get a more honest opinion of what the policy is really like.